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as recommended by our Upper-Intermediate students
upper-int-picWellington is New Zealand’s capital city and is located in the heart of New Zealand. It is also the home of NZ’s world-famous movie industry. Sitting on a stunning natural harbour and surrounded by lush green hills, Wellington is a beautiful, vibrant and cosmopolitan city and region.

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[accordion-item title =”Let’s Go for a Ride Up the Cable Car”]

by Ninja Bergmann

Are you one of those people who prefer to have an overview of the whole town but you do not like to be exhausted? Then the cable car is for you! The cable car is located in Lambton Quay, which is about 10 minute from the Campbell Institute by foot and runs every 10 minutes up and downhill. If you have a student card it costs just two dollars.


Enjoy your tour with the cable car and you will be surrounded by an overwhelming lightshow in the tunnel. On the summit you could take a deep breath, relax and take in the breathtaking view over Wellington.


[accordion-item title =”Te Papa – All About New Zealand”]

by Eva Chen

The first time you come to New Zealand, how can you have a general idea about this vibrant country? Spending 2 or 3 hours, even a whole day in Te Papa Museum, you will find the answer.

There you can discover tens of thousands of native animal specimens. The biggest specimen of squid, which is larger than a human, is the most famous.

Also, on the 4th floor is a typical Maori house. It is called Marae, and it is a place where you can encounter each other or have meeting.


However, this Marae is not traditional, but much more modern. You can go into the Marae without taking off your shoes and do your own Whakapapa, which means the genealogy of your family. You can choose rubbings to represent who you are and where you can stand and belong.

If you were like me, who have never been in an earthquake, please also go and experience the shaking in the quake room on level 1.


[accordion-item title =”A Must Do for Nature Fans (Red Rocks Walk)”]

by Lea Stahl

A great walk through New Zealand’s natural environment to see the interesting Red Rocks. The walk is 8km long on the South Coast of Wellington and you need about 2 – 3 hours. Note that it also takes some time to get there by bus. An option is to take number 1 to Island Bay to the last station.


Walk on the coast about 30 minutes to begin the Red Rocks Walk. If you have the possibility to go there in winter, do it because you could see seals. The best thing – it’s free (only the bus costs a few dollars).


[accordion-item title =”‘The Task of Art Today is to Bring Chaos Into Order’ – Theodor Adomo”]

by Melanie Schroff

So if you are a contemporary art lover, you should definitely go to Te Papa museum on Level 4, and it is free!

You can find art installations, many photographs, collages, videos and more.


There are also some activities, to help you to understand the artist’s work.

It is also a good place to see Kiwi artist’s works.

Personally, I really enjoyed that place and could spend hours discovering the art works, because guess what – it is open every day!


[accordion-item title =”Each Door Hides Something…”]

by Mathilde Goffart

Do you like to buy candles and discover their attractive perfume?

Hiding in the lanes of Wellington is a lovely little candle factory where you can buy many different items made out of wax.

This local factory offers to show them being fabricated. You can see the secrets of the work, and, at the same time, admire the work as it happens.


Encourage the local shops instead of big industries. They have a lot to offer, you just have to open some discreet doors.


[accordion-item title =”Cuba Street – The Heaven of Young”]

by Eva Chen

If you want to know the most lively place in Wellington, you have to go to Cuba Street. There are lots of cafes, op-shops, boutique and bars.


You can go there to watch the most popular Kiwi sport—rugby, and have a few drinks.

Especially, on the weekends at night, when there are New Zealand National rugby team, the All Blacks test games with other counties, all the bars are full and young people catch up there to watch the TV live broadcast and enjoy their leisure time.

All Kiwis are quite friendly, so feel free to talk with them and learn more about New Zealand.


[accordion-item title =”La Bella Italia: A Little Piece of Italy in Wellington”]

by Marco Sandri

If you like Italian food, pizza or breakfast in a friendly environment you must try “La Bella Italia” restaurant.

The place is vast and is open every day from morning to evening (on Monday and Tuesday it opens only during the day). The restaurant is in Petone and you can get there on the motorway. If you don’t have a car you can get the train (the restaurant is very close to Petone’s Railway station).


The place offers a large variety of dishes and wines, and you can also buy original Italian products to bring home. It is not a cheap restaurant because a lot of wines, meats and cheeses are imported from Italy, but for this reason you can try the very taste of Italian cuisine.

In my opinion it is the best place to celebrate particular events like birthdays, anniversaries or public holidays (I suggest you book a table for Christmas day!) because I think that to eat a delicious dish of pasta with a glass of Barbera is one of the most beautiful things in the world!


[accordion-item title =”Te Papa Tongarewa”]

by Nathan Dachy

Hi travellers – here’s my first blog to share with you.

I’m in Wellington, and I’ve had time to discover a few top spots here!

Nope, there’s no spelling mistakes in “TE PAPA TONGAREWA”. It means, in Maori language, “container of treasures“. Here you can find many of New Zealand’s interesting treasures.


There are 6 floors and each one has its own special presentation. The first floor has a wonderful exhibition “Gallipoli – the scale of our war” which explains New Zealand’s involvement in World War I.

Inside there are plenty of huge realistic figures, all made by WETA Cave.

This exposition will be open until April 2019. This is totally free and very easy to access (even for handicapped). If you have time, when you finish Gallipoli, then turn right to the New Zealand native animals section to have a look around.


[accordion-item title =”The NZ Pop-up Sauna – ‘A Warm Place to Share'”]

by Audrey Moreno

The NZ Pop-Up Sauna is a warm place to share on Wellington waterfront, next to the Jump Platform on Taranaki Wharf. You just have to bring your togs and spend a great moment with friends and family. It is only $8 for one hour and you don’t need to book. Just keep in your mind that those under 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult.


The NZ Pop-Up Sauna is only open in spring and summer until 11 December. You can go there and have fun on Monday-Saturday 6-10 pm and on Sunday 2-10 pm. It also takes private bookings for groups outside of open hours (it costs $80 / hour).


Do you still want to know more about the coolest little capital in the world? Click on the image below for videos about Wellington.

Wellington Playlist


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