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Following the latest Government announcement, New Zealand has moved to Alert Level 4 in response to COVID-19. This means that our Campbell Institute campuses are closed to students from Tuesday 24 March 2020 for four weeks.

While our campuses aren’t open, we would like to reassure you that our teachers, tutors and supporting staff members are still operating and committed to providing continuity in your learning. We will be delivering our programmes as scheduled, through our online delivery platform designed to match on-campus delivery with an optimal blend of interactive digital tools.

We have already begun to implement the delivery of streamed online classes for our existing students and will continue this delivery for new onshore students, allowing you to virtually attend your classes from wherever you are.

Learning blocks & tuition fees

Our packaged offers are specially curated for you to maximise learning and effectively utilize your time while you’re here in New Zealand.

We are conscious that many of you may not yet have decided on your next course of study while you are in New Zealand, and that you may wish to focus on improving your language skills during this period. We have therefore developed a packaged offer for shorter and longer periods of study. 

Note that the Campbell English online course can only be delivered to onshore students. All standard terms and conditions apply – see our application form for details. 

1 week

Self-isolation buster:

Keep in touch with English and other language learners

New Campbell students

NZD 320

Existing Campbell students

NZD 280

4 week block

Confidence booster:

Feel more confident in communicating in English and (for exam preparation) get a general understanding of how to succeed at IELTS.

New Campbell students

NZD 1,240

Existing Campbell students

NZD 1,100

8 week block

Your world:

With students from up to 20 countries in the school at any one time, develop your English skills and enjoy meeting people from all over the world.  Enjoy meeting new cultures and making international friends.

New Campbell students

NZD 2,400

Existing Campbell students

NZD 2,000

12 week block

Level Up:

Improve your English communication skills by one CEFR level / IELTS 0.5 band with our intensive English classes.

New Campbell students

NZD 3,480

Existing Campbell students

NZD 3,480

16 week block

Long haul:

As well as making superb improvements in your English skills, you’ll start to appreciate important aspects of Kiwi and English culture.

New Campbell students

NZD 4,480

Existing Campbell students

NZD 4,480

Enrolled UPIC
Foundation students

The current term is about to finish, and many of you may not yet have decided on how to approach your three-week holiday while you are in New Zealand. We highly encourage you to keep focusing on your educational goals and taking advantage of this time to improve your language skills.

As such, UP Education would like to offer students who have completed Term 1 at UP International College a packaged Online English Study offer at the Campbell Institute.

Tuition fees

NZD 300 per week

(normal price: NZD 320 per week)


How Online English Study works

With skilled teachers, plentiful resources and activities, we continue to offer quality learning through our Online English Study programme. The tightknit Campbell Online Community has been recreated around a range of online social activities to help students remain connected during self-isolation.

We use simple yet effective tools to ensure that you receive the most intuitive and interactive learning from the comfort of your home. Live feedback from teachers makes learning instantaneous in an enriched learning environment.

Read on to learn how learning within the Campbell Online Community has been integrated into one virtual campus.

1. Programme structure

Our Online Study offering includes the following:

  • Weekly classes taking place from Monday to Friday, mornings and afternoons, and led by the same Campbell teachers that students already know, trust and value. 
  • Class options:
    • General English to develop your communication skills
    • Full-time exam preparation to progress towards an IELTS score of 5+
  • Our ‘extra’ classes will continue: Conversation, pronunciation and job-hunter.
  • We’re making sure our students stay well through regular “Let’s chat!” video calls with the student services team.

2. Digital platforms and methodology

The study programme uses a mixture of paper-based and online resources courtesy of Pearson’s MyEnglishLab. Students engage with their assigned activities and receive instant feedback, allowing both teachers and students to monitor their progress.

Through the common error reports, teachers get an overview of students’ activities and ensure that valuable class time is spent on teaching content that will really make a difference to their progress.

Zoom is an easy-to-use, effective tool for live lessons and our main video-conferencing tool. They form the backbone of our online learning. Here, teachers will interact directly with students.

Teachers will take students through challenging problems, explain concepts in detail, and give students tasks to do that may get them to work by themselves or in a group. Students use this tool to practice their listening and speaking skills – especially when they use the tool to give live presentations.

The main features of Zoom are that:

  • The application is available on all devices and meetings can be joined very easily – simply by clicking a link.
  • Teachers can share documents and their computer screen with their students.
  • Students can share documents and their screen with the class.
  • The teacher and students can communicate through video, voice, and written chat.
  • The teacher can create ‘break-out’ rooms for small group work and can then move between these rooms to help each group.

Campbell has always been known for its diverse student body and exciting activities programme and the lockdown is no obstacle to our activities programme

Via Microsoft Teams, students can stay in touch with one-another, set up their own virtual hangouts and stay engaged with their classmates using the group chat function.

  • Campbell “Cribs”: show your classmates around your whare – what’s the view from your window?
  • Pub night: A student favourite – students can still get together and “share a bevy” online
  • Pool competition:  We’ve already had our first virtual pool competition (courtesy of, with plenty of ‘trash talk’ being exchanged over MS Teams audio.
  • Yoga club:  Another staple – students stay active using synchronised Yoga Kiss online lessons.
  • Coffee club:  traditionally students’ first “Campbell Activities Experience”- sharing a warm cuppa Joe as autumn creeps in as a great way to bust the lockdown loneliness.
  • Games Club: Games-based-learning is a big part of Campbell teaching approach.  While access to Jamie’s (A.K.A. Big Boardgame Stash is behind lock and key at the campus, there are still loads of options for students to get their gaming fix at Games Club.

Tips for successful online learning

  • Attend every live Zoom session as we will be keeping attendance in the Zoom sessions. We will also keep track of how many posts and contributions you make to the learning forums. All of this is required for you to maintain your attendance and for your online learning to be counted as valid by NZQA and Immigration NZ when you do arrive in NZ for oncampus study later.
  • Learn where your teacher will post announcements, instructions and information about your course.

  • Read and learn the content provided before the live Zoom sessions each week so you can ask questions to clarify what you are learning in the live sessions.

  • Ask questions using your Learning forums.

  • If you do not understand, quickly ask for help. Your teacher will help you find the right information or explain the content you need help with.


Our teaching staff use a range of additional online interactive tools to ensure students interact, practice and engage with their online learning and each other:

Person MyEnglishLab – Enhanced learning using a variety of interactive activities.

Zoom – We believe people learn languages through meaningful communication.

Microsoft Teams – Students stay active and connected through a range of creative solutions.

You can use either Apple or Windows for your online studies. We have tested both and are confident that will be minimum problems regardless of the equipment or systems that you are operating at home.
The same teachers, whom students already know, trust and value. will be delivering the online modules.

Teachers will maintain a Learning forum in their MS Team, which allows students to ask public questions that all students can see. Students can also use Teams to message staff privately.

Weekly classes take place from Monday to Friday, mornings and afternoons.

Yes, classes are compulsory, as you will be commencing your course online, and will be expected to attend in that same way as you would be if you were physically on Campus. We will also monitor your interaction with the online resources we make available, so we have evidence of full participation as this is important for your future success.

We understand that from time to time students may be unwell and unable to attend class. Up Education policy requires 90% attendance and a doctor’s note for any absences for more than 2 days.

We are working through how to record and store each lesson on Zoom and are confident that will have a solution soon. However, to meet student visa requirements, attendance is compulsory.

Yes, you will have assignmentds just like if you were physically in New Zealand. These will be submitted through Teams.

You will need to hold a valid New Zealand visa with study rights in order to commence classes.

You may study up to 12 weeks on a visitor visa, and you are able to study either full time or part time. You may also have study rights if you hold a working holiday visa.

Explore your visa options to study here.

No, you don’t need to change your visa. Due to the current circumstances, Immigration New Zealand has allowed all temporary visas that expire between 2 April and 9 July 2020 to automatically extend to late September.

Please note that this is where Immigration will post any update to their policies. 

Online classes will run as long as the NZ government requires schools to remain closed. We will re-open our campuses as soon as we are allowed to do so.

We’re confident that once you get started, you will see the value that our programme delivers. If you would still like to defer, talk to our student services team to explore your options.

Please contact the Admissions Team,  they will be able to advise you on your best option.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss, please contact the Admissions Team.

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