Laura – A Typical Day as a Campbell Demi Au Pair

The following is an extract taken from a letter written by Laura to her replacement after she finished on The Campbell Demi Au Pair Programme:

In the morning I attend my classes at the Campbell Institute, which I really enjoy. We usually leave the house at 8:15 am. On their way to Amelia’s school Haley drops me of at the train station, from where I get to Wellington. From the Railway Station in Wellington it’s another 20 min walk to the school.

After school I have about an hour before I need to catch the train to pick Amelia up from school. I mostly spend this hour with my friends that I met in school. We often have lunch together, go to one of the numerous cafés, work out at the gym or just hang out at the waterfront. There are a lot of things to do in Wellington!


At 2 pm, I pick up the car from Haley’s work so that I can collect Amelia from her school. Don’t worry about driving on the left side of the road, it’s easier than you think it is and you’ll quickly get used to it. In the afternoon, I look after Amelia. What we often do is baking, doing some arts and crafts, go to the park, the café, the library and sometimes to the pools. Most of the time Amelia has an idea what she wants to play or do. Sometimes Amelia’s friends which live across the street are allowed to come over and play. During that time in the afternoon I also do some light household chores like tidying up the kitchen or folding the washing. Once a week I clean the bathroom, vacuum-clean and mop the floor and dust the furniture.


The evenings are always very relaxed, we all have dinner together and let the day end. At the weekends I have free time. I am always welcome to spend my time with Haley, Amelia and their family, which is really enjoyable. I also like to go out and explore Wellington with my friends or go on weekend trips to discover the country.

I had an amazing time here in Wellington and I got to learn a lot about the kiwi culture, the country and its people. I am sure you will also enjoy your time here and in this family.

Laura – Germany

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