Keeping Campbell Healthy and Well

Campbell has developed a Health and Well-being Strategy for 2017 and has been rolling out a number of activities and workshops for students and staff.

The running club kicked off with a sunset jog along Oriental Parade in Wellington in early March and joins our sweat of healthy activities, such as bush walks and yoga. The latter proved so popular we are now holding two sessions per week after classes at our Wellington campus.

Healthy activities

Disaster readiness is also a focus of our Health and Well-being strategy. At our Auckland campus, the upper-intermediate and advanced classes undertook a project to create the ideal Emergency Survival Kits (ESK) for our school, as well as New Zealand homes. The project aims to raise awareness of emergency survival strategy in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.


Two of the students involved, Coraline Amador and Melanie Andre, wrote about their project:

We divided our class into four groups: Food, Water, Emergency Items and Logistics. In the first instance, we brainstormed, discussing the elemental questions of what we need, as well as what to consider in terms of storage, preservation and amount. The next step was researching to ascertain whether our ideas were realistic, what cost to expect and based on that, we could estimate a budget. During this process, some ideas got overruled such as whether biscuits were suitable because of the low energy given and the short expiration date, or if containers were more efficient than bottles to store water.

Each group then proposed their ideas to the Campbell Management Team who have taken on board their suggestions for improvement of the emergency processes and survival kits.

Some of the steps we have taken including:

  • Establishing a Health and Safety Committee to set up programmes in regards to hazard and risk management, emergency management, and injury management among other topics
  • Appointing and providing regular training for our first aid officers and emergency wardens
  • Updating our hazard registers
  • Ensuring there is at least one first aid kit on each floor
  • Conducting trimonthly fire and earthquake drills
  • Regularly testing fire alarms within our premises
  • Making our campuses as safe and secure as possible for our students, staff and visitors


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