Campbell graduate profile: Rodrigo


Rodrigo Matos Ribeiro, The Campbell Institute Auckland graduate
Nationality: Brazilian
Programme: General English

“Everything that I know about English I learnt in my Campbell course”
Rodrigo always dreamt of participating in an exchange programme. The Campbell Institute ticked all the boxes for him due to New Zealand’s high quality of education and the fact that General English students may be able to work part-time, which helps for practising English and paying for living expenses.

“All staff are approachable and helpful at Campbell, which makes a huge difference because they made me feel comfortable and at home. Before I got to New Zealand, I had no teacher, no class, no English lessons and had never spoken in English. In only six months I became completely able to express myself in English. I can talk to everybody, everywhere, and sort my problems by myself.”

Rodrigo is still in New Zealand, travelling and practising his English skills in real life. He is working as an accountant and hopes to get a new job in a big multinational company where English is necessary.

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