Dual-city study an opportunity for learning and travel

Makiko pictured with Campus Director Natalie Chambers, and Campus Director of Studies Aubrey Welsh


Makiko Shigenai, 40, from Tokyo, made the most of her time in New Zealand by studying English at both of The Campbell Institute’s Wellington and Auckland campuses.

“I had 12 weeks to study in New Zealand so I wanted to try another city,” she explains. “I started in Wellington, which was recommended by my agent, then moved on to Auckland.”

Makiko was enrolled in Campbell’s General English course – an intensive course designed for students who want to improve their English for communication, work, or travel. She started at the elementary level and graduated from intermediate, moving up two levels in just 12 weeks.

She credits her teachers and interesting, interactive course content for her impressive progress.

Now she hopes to use her newly acquired language skills to nab an English-speaking job in the travel or tourism industry.

Until then she has been travelling around New Zealand, visiting the country’s many beautiful sites.

“I had heard from my agent that New Zealand is very safe and the people are kind. Everywhere I’ve visited is awesome! And I’ve been so happy to meet different people – students, teachers and my host family.”

Makiko, from Japan, studied General English at the Campbell Institute.

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