General English

General English is an intensive course designed for students who wish to improve their English for communication, work, or travel purposes.
General English covers reading, writing, listening and speaking for communication and is taught at all levels from beginner to advanced. Extra workshops and modules are also available, including pronunciation, writing, and English for business. Classes are organised according to English level, which is determined by our own internal testing system.

All students at Campbell receive free weekly 1:1 language workshops as part of their programme.

This is the Wellington Campus timetable. Due to its smaller size, the Auckland Campus runs optional classes on demand. Please contact us for more information.

After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Hold a range of conversations in English on a variety of topics
  • Listen and respond to natural Kiwi speech
  • Read general texts and express a personal viewpoint in both oral and written form
  • Hold a conversation about your own life and country and cultural differences you have noticed in New Zealand
  • Go shopping, banking, order a meal in a restaurant, use public transport, use the public library, visit the doctor, go to the cinema, and other day-to-day activities

Campus Connect

Study in Wellington and Auckland! ‘Campus Connect’ is a free transfer service between our Wellington and Auckland campuses and is great for students studying our General English course and wanting an experience in New Zealand’s two main cities. Conditions include:

  • Students must study for a minimum of 6 weeks with at least 2 weeks on each campus
  • Offer only available to students studying full time General English
  • Students must be 18 years +
  • Offer is for one free transfer between campuses only
  • A minimum of 2 weeks prior booking is required to arrange transfers
  • Students must select ‘Campus Connect’ during initial enrolment. Offer is not available to students already studying at Campbell
  • Any costs associated with changes to the transfer ticket will be the responsibility of the student

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  • Wellington
  • Auckland

Start dates: Every Monday
Duration: 2 – 48 Weeks
English Level: Elementary and above
Hours/ Week:
Full-time: 26 hours
Morning or Afternoon only options also available
Age: 14+