“Campbell had a profound effect on me”

English-language student Anna Gladushko says there are three reasons why students should study at The Campbell Institute.

“The first is that the teachers will help you reach the peak of your English career. The second is you’ll have so much fun with the friends that you’ll make. And the third is coming to New Zealand – a country full of enticing adventures.”

Anna, from Russia, always had a dream to study abroad and Campbell provided a great opportunity to learn English in a safe country.

“I met people from all over the world, everyone was so gregarious, loquacious and eager to improve their English, so it was easy to find my feet,” she says. “Every day we did activities based on new vocabulary, grammar and fluency and every week Campbell holds activities to get all students together so you meet a lot of nice people.”

She says her English improved a lot during her time at Campbell.

“It’s not just because of the certificate I’ve got, but now I have a confident feeling in conversations with others, excellent results in tests and I realise that I understand what people surrounding me are talking about.”

The aspiring marketer or website designer says Campbell helped her find direction and learn to express herself and her ambitions.

“For me to find the place that I belong to in this entire world is really essential. Campbell had a profound effect on me. I had a chance to express myself as a person with my own ambitions and challenge in all kinds of situations.”

Now back in Russia, she’s working on keeping up her English, increasing her knowledge and keeping in touch with everyone from her ‘English world’. But having been based in the “picturesque, bustling” city of Auckland for her study at The Campbell Institute, Anna says she would love to one day make New Zealand home.

“It’s a really beautiful country with mountains of magnificent, breathtaking places. There are no words to describe the whole beauty. Given the choice I would love to not just be a visitor or a student, but a part of all of this.”

Anna is a graduate of The Campbell Institute’s General English course. General English is an intensive course designed for students who wish to improve their English for communication, work, or travel purposes. 

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