CAE: Opening Up Opportunities

12 weeks ago, a group of 7 strangers embarked on the second Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) course at Campbell for the updated 2015 CAE exam. All the students came with the intention of bettering their overall level of English, especially in the areas of writing, grammar and vocabulary.

With the course finishing this week, we spoke to Anna, Isabelle and Nele about their experiences of the course and their expectations for the CAE exam next week.

Students studying hard for CAE

“We’ve learned so much, about English and also about ourselves. We’ve learned to be more spontaneous and to express ourselves in a more English way. Generally when we’re speaking, we don’t have to think of what we want to say, we just say it. We’ve learned a lot of new words and expressions and I would say my writing has got better because of the course.

I really like the pressure we had. Sometimes it’s hard to cope with it, but generally it’s good that you can learn a lot and our homework or self study every day.

Because we’re Demi-au-Pairs and we are studying in an English speaking country, everything around you is English, our home stay-families speak English, and even if you are sitting on a bus or in the street, you’re surrounded by it. You don’t only learn academic style English, but also the English you use in your every day life. That’s what’s great about coming to New Zealand to study CAE.

Also, the CAE exam will really help in the future because a lot of our university textbooks and lectures will be in English. And if we want to do a Masters degree in the future, we will be able to use this exam as proof of our level of English.

And going travelling in other countries will be easier… Just knowing that you can communicate and you won’t have so many problems.”

Anna, Isabelle and Nele – Germany

Find out about Cambridge CAE courses at Campbell here.

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