Host International Students

Welcome to The Campbell Institute’s Homestay Family Network. Homestay families in Wellington and Auckland are an integral part of The Campbell Institute’s success. Our Host families are welcoming of international students from a range of cultural backgrounds and ages, and are adaptable and willing to share their lives with other people.

Homestay is one of the most popular accommodation options for international students who want a stable family environment and also to practise their English with New Zealanders.

Our Wellington and Auckland based host families are varied and diverse. Some hosts are families with children, others have adult children who have left home. Single parents may also offer homestay accommodation. Some of our hosts come from diverse cultural backgrounds but are all fluent English speakers.

Please contact Host Families New Zealand for more information:

Daniela Silva (Regional Homestay Coordinator)
Phone: 09 358 1531

April Brion (Office Manager)
Phone: 09 358 1531